Time Flows Slowly in Sukhothai

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Visiting Sukhothai allows you to feel the different pacing of time which seems to flow unhurriedly here. The province inherits the charms of the ancient kingdom bearing the same name. Sukhothai, or The Peaceful Dawn, was graced by the Theravada Buddhism aesthetics almost eight centuries ago. The antiquity city was awarded as a UNESCO heritage site in 1991.

Aligned perfectly with the “Fascinating History and Culture,” one of the Thailand’s Seven MICE Magnificent Themes, MICE experiences in Sukhothai present history, arts, and craftsmanship at the forefront.

Local communities join forces with local authorities to present their ancient city interactively and sustainably. Explore the ancient local way of life where civilisation has been thriving on simplicity and sustainability for centuries, living in harmony and prospering from nature. Reap from wisdom of the past to sow abundance of the future.                                          

A Moment through Time
Travel back in time on a walking or a biking trip through the old city with the Old Town Sukhothai Club. Enjoy learning about history with local philosophers, organize a Khantoke dinner with ancient recipes, and board a tram to join a rally in the old town to experience the charm of this city of The Peaceful Dawn that is rich in arts and culture.

 The Touch of Nature
Learn the famed craft of Sukhothai where the bond of nature and human civilisation has taken shape in the magnificent art of Sangkhalok, a local version of clay pottery, which has been produced with ancient techniques adopted from China, reinterpreted locally, and become Sukhothai’s unique wisdom.

Muddle as a team through the centuries-old process of dying, painting, and firing in the Turieng furnace just like locals did centuries ago and shape nature into art pieces in workshops with local businesses like Mothana Ceramic and Baan Preedapirom.

Rewrite History

Experience the shaping of civilisation with Sukhothai’s ancient language and learn how to write your name with Sukhothai’s characters—the precursor of modern Thai alphabets on a mulberry paper you made yourself at Art Farm Sawankhalok.

Nature Transformed

Learn how the ancient Sukhothai prospered alongside nature and how they transformed its resources into signature local art. Make your amulets from the clay and auspicious ‘ingredients’ at the Buddhist Votive Tablets Learning Center to bring luck, charms, or success recipe back home with you. There are also other craftsman experiences such as textile weaving, goldsmiths, and mask painting.

Sukhothai is just a hop away on a 45-minute flight from Bangkok. The airport is also a destination in itself since you can spend time transplanting rice seedlings and making organic Thai food with ingredients you pick from the airport’s farm under the Organic Agriculture Project.

Time may flow slower in Sukhothai, but somehow it seems we don’t have enough time to explore all the good things the city and its people present to us with great joy.

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