Executive Summary 

The fifth-generation wireless systems (5G) is one of the latest additions in the world of internet. With three exclusive features of 5G; ultrahigh download speed, superfast responsiveness communication and connection density of 1 million devices per square kilometer, it is able to support diversity of devices and services in MICE industry such as live VR streams from events optimization of event revenue potential or do meetings or conferences from multi-sites. More powerful connections between devices will lead to plenty of advance technologies that have just begun to impact the MICE industry.

The fifth-generation wireless systems (5G) is one of the latest additions in the world of internet. Representing more than just a new generation of connectivity, 5G will completely transform our daily life in which our relationship with technology will be increasingly fluid and customized. 5G promises to deliver better Gigabit speed of up to 20 Gbps which is about 20 times faster than 4G internet speed that we have nowadays in theory. To put it into a clearer picture, where 4G allows you to stream your favorite YouTube videos in full HD, 5G will make it possible to stream 4K HDR content. It also improves connectivity that provides a wide range of opportunities for MICE industry to offer attendees with a wholly immersive event experience. The advantages of the technology applied to meetings and events are obviously seen; increasing communication speed and reduced response time will make Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) feasible in any meetings, conventions or exhibitions. Lots of people are looking forward to seeing the interactive experiences at events coming to their life now however it might take a bit of time for MICERs to adopt and trust 5G network solutions and services albeit it will be an exciting future to combine physical and digital worlds together.  

Key Fact and Figures:

  • According to IDC, the total 5G-related network infrastructure market will grow to 26$ billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 118%.
  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband is up to 20 Gbps for peak download speed that will help to develop emerging AR/VR media and applications, UltraHD or 360-degree streaming video.
  • Massive Machine Type Communication is targeting to support a capacity of 1 million devices per square kilometer which enables interconnected devices within the paradigm of IoT.
  • 5G can cut response time down to 1-2 milliseconds (0.001 or 0.002 seconds) from 4G’s average 50 ms (0.05 seconds). That lets the network process data in short, accurate, and quick bits.

5G Key Characteristics
Each new generation of wireless network came with a unique set of characteristics. The next coming 5G will make no exception. Technically speaking, 5G is the mobile internet connectivity that promises much faster data download and upload speeds, wider coverage and more stable connections. It is all about making better use of wireless systems and enabling far more devices to access and connect the mobile internet at the same time. Regarding to 5G services rolling out in 2019, the handsets will begin to market and end-users will be able to leverage this technology firsthand. International Data Corporation (IDC), the premier global provider of market intelligence firm, forecasts that the total 5G-related network infrastructure market will grow to 26$ billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 118%. IDC expects 5G Radio Access Network to be the largest market sub-segment through the forecast period, in line with prior mobile generations. The significant differences between fourth generation (4G) and fifth generation (5G) wireless networks is clearly seen. Not only will 5G deliver data much faster than its predecessor, it will also include infrastructure standpoints that allow the network to be more dynamic and customizable than wireless networks have been in the past. The followings are the three fundamental pillars of 5G Wireless Networks:
Enhanced Mobile Broadband
Data transfer speeds as experienced by customers are projected to be at least 10 times higher than what is possible with 4G. That means 5G is able to create extremely faster transmission of images and videos. In terms of downloading a high-definition movie, 4G/LTE might take about 10 minutes whereas 5G enables you to take less than a minute with up to 20 Gbps for peak download speed. It will help to develop emerging AR/VR media and applications, UltraHD or 360-degree streaming video.
Millisecond-level Responsiveness
As 4G’s average 50 ms (0.05 seconds) of response time, 5G Network can cut it down to 1-2 milliseconds (0.001 or 0.002 seconds). That lets the network process data in short, accurate, and quick bits. This has broad applicability in a number of vertical markets, such as remote surgery, autonomous navigation, self-driving cars and factory automation.
Massive Machine Type Communications
5G Network extended to support a very large number of devices in a small area (1 million devices per square kilometer), which enables interconnected devices within the paradigm of IoT such as smart devices, asset tracking, smart lightening, process monitoring and optimization. More powerful connections between devices of 5G network will lead to plenty of advance technologies that have just begun to impact the MICE Industry.

5G Real Use Cases
The deployment of 5G will shape our day-to-day lives in various ways by enabling actions that seem like science fiction today but will become a reality tomorrow. There are many 5G use cases, depending on the industries involved. Upon considering market trends, these are real case studies that are the most relevant and revolutionary for all stakeholders in MICE Industry to utilize.
Case Study 1: Live Holographic Call – Vodafone
According to Vodafone, UK’s leading digital future mobile network firm, has conducted the UK’s first live holographic call using 5G technology. They have tested the call from Vodafone’s Manchester office featured England and Manchester City Women’s Football Captain, Steph Houghton MBE. Using 5G technology, Steph appeared as a live 3D hologram on stage in front of an audience at Vodafone’s UK headquarters in Newbury. Steph’s hologram gave footballing tips to 11-year-old Manchester City and Lionesses fan, Iris, in Newbury. The exchange demonstrated the exciting possibilities that new technology can bring to sport, including remote coaching and training, as well as the opportunity to bring sports fans closer to their idols. In a similar way, MICE industry is possible to deploy this when having a conference call at the meeting venue. It could let the attendees interact in near real-time with 3D vision over the web, removing the lag of communication tools such as Skype over lower-speed 4G, enabling a seamless platform sharing amongst attendees at a global scale.
Case Study 2: Remote Control of Autonomous Vehicles – PIX
Regarding to PIX, the leading firm that rebuild the manufacturing and mobility of cars, officially began its trial application of 5G network on PIX self-driving vehicles. The information will be sent to the server through 5G, and meanwhile the operator can perceive the current status of the self-driving vehicle through the network in real time. Humans and goods are not the only ones that need mobility. Life, work and entertainment will be on robo-vehicles. Imagine that you don’t need your hands and feet on the steering and pedal, you can work out on the way and have meeting on the self-driving car. This could make spaces become sharable, on-demand and connected. Besides, all stakeholders in MICE Industry could utilize this for shuttle bus service at the events or exhibitions. With advanced syncing and interconnected data, smart shuttle bus can interact with each other and the environment to create a transportation system which knows who participants are, picking them up and dropping at the entrance of events or exhibitions.
Case Study 3: 5G Plan for Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Intel and NTT DoCoMo
In respect to Tokyo 2020 Olympics game, Intel and NTT DoCoMo have already planned for the next summer game. It will be a demonstration of what can be achieved through 5G networks, where 360-degree, 8K video be transmitted from Japan to smartphones and VR headsets around the world through the various broadcasters. “Instead of watching surfing from the beach, for example, viewers will feel like they're riding the waves with the athletes,” said Aicha Evans, Chief Strategy Officer at Intel. What’s more, Tokyo 2020 will also contribute smart city applications that allow athletes to gain access to eHealth technologies and data analytics which will boost their performances. As for MICE industry, all stakeholders can use this technology to develop their user experiences for live content streaming in events or conferences. In case that MICE travelers couldn’t join the event, they still be able to consume the content as if they were standing right there. This allows them to open dimension of experience beyond the familiar screen-based experiences.
Implications for MICE Industry  
The arrival of 5G networks is causing waves of excitement across the tech community, it cannot be denied that 5G is changing MICE activities like ever before. Connectivity and Speed are the key points of 5G that enhancing MICE activities to be more effective. Here are the advantages that all stakeholders in MICE Industry could embrace.

Level Up MICE Activities
5G will be stepping those existing technologies in MICE activities to another level e.g. increasing ability to recognize attendee locations, proactively customizing attendees’ experience via highly personalized recommendations in a limited time, or guiding attendees to a session based on their interests and seating them next to someone who has similar interests. Event organizers will be able to response and interact with the attendees as fast as never been. Also, the effectiveness of the event planning and organizing will be continuously improved by leverage deeper attendee insights. Satisfaction and memorable experience will be met with 5G.
The New Revenue Stream
With 5G Network Infrastructure, Remote attendees will be able to experience conferences and events through VR content in real-time. They will fully engage as if they were standing right there. This is the opportunity for both side; event organizers and event attendees as a win-win situation. While remote attendees be able to join MICE activities oversea, event organizer allow to generate new revenue stream by selling the virtual ticket and expand the event to more and more locations.
Multisite Conferences at Global Scale
Power of 5G gives an opportunity to the conference and meeting in allowing the participants around the world to be met. Augmented reality and virtual reality are expected to be more effective and real time in the conference where it helps the interaction happens in one place. While the participants may be in another continent of the world. 5G introduces the global network service that truly a global network of meeting and conference, guaranteeing seamless user experience.

5G Testing Laboratory in Thailand
Many of government projects around the world are now launching 5G test bed to observe the performance of 5G before the technology officially comes out. In Thailand, The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) together with Chulalongkorn University jointly set up 5G AI / IoT Innovation Center to be a 5G testing center that has installed and maintained the base station equipment of 5G networks which will prepare and support the telecommunication services in the future. Furthermore, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) pinned 5G on EEC area. Let’s all partners in every sector started the 5G Testbed with MOU for academic cooperation such as delivery drone, Smart IoT sensor, AR/VR, Multi-HD VDO, Remote Driving and Smart Bus. Everything went perfectly well so far, implying that we are well prepared to enter the era of 5G technology. These 5G Testbeds also allows Thai businesses and startups using the Testbeds for their innovation and product development related to 5G. Surely that MICERs are included too!