MBB - Tradeshow Innovation Through Artificial Intelligence

Exhibitions and trade shows remain one of the most effective ways to source products and services, meet potential buyers, benchmark competitors and network with peers, all in one location. However, for a new buyer in the industry, the trade floor can be confusing and somewhat daunting when attempting to locate an exhibitor, specific product or service. The traditional layout of the grid-like format also risks becoming mundane, repressing the customer-experience.

"Artificial intelligence seems to have rekindled our creative thinking towards customer-centricity and how we can further influence the customer journey and overall experience."

When considering current trends and proposed future inventions, specifically within the digital realm, a good majority are focused on customer service, customer experience, participantinteraction and on how to maintain the competitive edge, so it is not difficult to imagine that digital innovation and artificial intelligence can indeed complement the industry in which we work, providing a more welcoming, accessible and manageable platform for the visitor tointegrate entirely into the exhibition experience.

"Face-to-face business can and will remain a necessary and effective tool so far as we prepare for, embrace and influence what the future holds for the benefit, evolution and sustainability of our industry."

Considering how fast the world is moving, adapting and innovating and how the competitive gaps are becoming smaller and smaller due to this digital evolution, as members of theexhibition industry, we need to make proactive effort to ensure that we keep abreast of all the new ways the digital world is and will influence the way we conduct business. It is understandable however, that although a good majority are fascinated by the prospect off using digital with the exhibition world, it is understandable that there may be some apprehension by many colleagues, who are not convinced that the door of artificial intelligence should be opened into an industry so invested in human interaction.

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