“Future Meeting Space”: Partners, aims, implementation

The “Future Meeting Space” innovation alliance is a cooperation between the German Convention Bureau (GCB), European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) and Fraunhofer IAO that addresses the issue of international competition. It is supported by research partners representing stakeholders from every area of the market. These include Drees & Sommer AG, KFP Five Star Conference Service GmbH, Seven Centers of Germany, Tourismus NRW e. V. and the visitBerlin Convention Office. 

AIMS: Analyse and systematise trends in the meetings industry and then use these to develop the technical, organisational and spatial requirements for successful meetings.

During the research project, the innovation alliance produced an Innovation Catalogue, conducted expert interviews and organised focus groups. In addition, it investigated six different scenarios which could affect the meetings industry in the future. The project systematically highlights developments in the areas of society, education and methodology, technology, mobility and infrastructure. 
Interviews with experts opened up a variety of perspectives on the identified trends; focus groups shed light on them from the viewpoint of various user groups.