2018 Meetings & Events Future Trends

Major changes are taking place in the meetings industry. In response to these, the “Future Meeting Space” project not only highlights developments and opportunities in the industry but also offers clear recommendations for action. During the course of the project, the German Convention Bureau (GCB) worked closely with the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC), Fraunhofer IAO and other research partners. Using these results, the research partners developed six scenarios for future meeting forms. From this list, they then selected and investigated the interactive scenario “Future Meeting Room” as a practical example. Their goal was to identify ways that suppliers can meet the future needs and requirements of participants.

"Supply side competition is certain to grow. So the question is: How do I attract the world’s  attention to what I have to offer?“

Prof. Dr. Joachim Kahlert, Maximilian University of Munich

Based on these results, the second research phase focuses on different types of participants and how the use of various methodological and technological elements in events has an impact on knowledge transfer, learning success, networking and the experiential value of these types of participants. Participants worldwide were asked about their experiences at conferences and congresses. The results were published under the name “User Experience as a key Success Factor: How to Create Events That Engage Your Audience.