Industry Focus Report


    Currently, Thailand has 5 main ports that connect to international route and be able to handle large amount of Twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU). In 2019, the market value of Thai maritime transportation earned about THB 263.6 billion, according to SCG Logistics. Its largest port locates in Laem Chabang that is ranked as 20th largest port in the world.


    With approximately 3.3 million hectares are rubber plantation area across the country and about 1.6 million households are rubber agriculturists, Thailand has become the world’s largest exporter and producer of high-quality rubber and rubber processing products such as tires, rubber gloves and condoms.


    Thailand is considered as land of fish and rice; the country has abundant natural resources with the adjoining of the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea, making Thailand to become one of the world’s major producer and exporter of seafood.

  • Agriculture & Biotechnology

    Issues such as growing food demand, limited land sources, soaring production costs, water scarcity, labor demand.

  • Biofuels & Biochemicals

    Biofuels and biochemical industries are set to see increasing growth as world leaders guide economies to be more sustainable to strengthen energy security and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Future Automotive

    The ASEAN region’s second biggest economy has the largest vehicle-assembling capacity as well, and low tariffs have prompted a surge in exports.

  • Smart Electronics

    The proliferation of IoT devices has been a rising phenomenon in today’s data-driven economy. This gave rise to Smart electronics, which can be described as intelligent devices that are ubiquitously connected and energy efficient.

  • Aviation & Logistics

    In the era of globalization and international trading, coupled with ease of communication and travelling, Aviation and Logistics are becoming the cornerstone for global trade.

  • Robotics

    Robotics become a major part of manufacturing processes, taking over repetitive, hazardous and tough tasks that challenge human.

  • Medical & Wellness Tourism

    Thailand is quickly becoming a regional hub for the medical industry, and international firms are taking advantage of its upgraded facilities, service, research and manufacturing capabilities to further the field.

  • Medical Hub

    The average life span has become longer due to the fact that the population is becoming more aware of diseases.

  • Food for Future

    The global food industry market is undergoing quite many changes. Increasing consumer awareness on the healthy eating habits, is ...